Commercial Foods & Treats 

This is a more conventional way of feeding your dog or cat. We have done the research for you and carry only the finest commercial grain-free dog and cat foods and treats. We know that these products do not contain needless fillers, artificial coloring or harmful preservatives.

We carry the following brands in store:

Dry Dog Food Brands

  • Natures Variety Grain Free
  • Orijens Grain Free
  • Acana Grain Free
  • Wellness Core Grain Free
  • Fromm Grain Free
  • Zigniture and Ziwi Peak
  • Wysong
  • Earthborn Holistic
  • Barking At The Moon

Dry Cat Food Brands

  • Fromm Grain Free
  • Wysong

Canned Dog Food

  • Party Animal
  • Weruva
  • Fromm
  • Wellness Core
  • Merrick
  • Cocoalicious
  • Evengers

Canned Cat Food

  • b.f.f Best Feline Friend
  • Wellness Core
  • Natures Variety
  • Wysong

Commercial Treats

  • Sojos Grain Free
  • Instinct Grain Free Biscuits
  • Wellness Grain Free Bars
  • Real Dog Grain Free Treats
  • Bixbi Grain Free
  • Whole Life Treats
  • Stella & Chewys Kisses
  • Orijen Treats
  • Fromm Treats



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